Log Home Bedroom Renovation Begins

 We've decided to participate in the One Room Challenge once again! Guest what room we're doing?

See what I did there? We're renovating our guest room!

It is not currently very welcoming and it is time to change that!

Welcome to the  Spring 2023 One Room Challenge® event! That means we are going to finish this project in eight weeks! 

I'll post our progress each week to keep y'all up to date on what's happening. 

You can also see all of the other projects that are happening for the challenge by clicking that link above.

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This used to be such a pretty guest room before the flood.

Now, these are some truly embarrassing before photos, but it is what it is. We can only improve on this situation!

This is where the linen closet was unloaded into when we replaced the shelves recently. 

And where extra decor items and furniture waiting to be refinished have been shoved. 

And where extra building supplies are stored.

Obviously, we need floors. And doors. 

That geothermal heat pump in the closet is our main unit for the house. In addition to getting a door, the closet needs shelves and a hanging rod.

So our first task will be emptying the room, and finding somewhere to put all of this stuff.

Then we'll start on the wide plank pine floors to match the rest of the house.

Thanks for stopping by to check out our project! See ya next week!

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DebSoChic said...

This aims to be a great transformation. Can't wait!

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