Log Home Tour Series: Sweet P's Decor

Welcome to the fourth day of the Log Home Tour Series, in honor of National Log Cabin Day! National Log Cabin Day. National Log Cabin Day is meant to help folks remember the rich history of log cabins and also enjoy what they have become. Today I'm bringing you the sweet story of Amanda and Kirby's log cabin, their much hoped for first home.

I want to introduce the ladies of Sweet P's Décor, a hardworking and talented, small business running trio of mother-in-law, Teresa, and her two daughters-in-law, Rachel and Amanda.  The cabin we are touring today belongs to Amanda, and she will take over telling her story from here:

Cabins are beautiful and the perfect setting for a getaway, but let’s be honest here, I never saw myself living in one. Here is the story of how we became a log cabin family! My husband and I had been married for just under a year and I had been looking up houses for sale for some time… you know just to be “educated” on the market. Secretly, I was swooning over owning our own home soon. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, my husband was doing the same (minus the swooning). Neither one of us had even talked serious about buying a home yet. We were living in a little apartment, inside my parent’s barn, saving some money while I was finishing school. But then fate happened. I say this with a little giggle, because my family who saw the house before we DIY”d everything wouldn’t have been leaning towards the word fate. My husband is an avid golfer and one day he happened to run into his Great Aunts son. They were here to help his mother move out of her home due to health reasons. It has been really important to my Mother-n-Law’s family to keep the land this home sits on and hundreds of acres around us in the family. It was all Kirby’s Great Grandpa’s, split amongst 4 sons. Kirby came home that evening and told me about this interaction. He mentioned it was a cabin and he had remembered that it was pretty cool. Of course, I asked where it was. I couldn’t stand not knowing what it looked like… so the next morning I was in the car on a house hunt.

The views were enough to persuade this girl that this was our home.

Needless to say we bought it and began renovations the first day! I will spare you the before pictures as we are supposed to be celebrating National Log Cabin Day! Living in a log home is an extremely different experience than any other home I have lived in. There is a new love for how our home was built and a certain pride that comes with owning a log cabin. 

As cool as cabins are they do have their challenges. One I fight often are there is only a limited amount of prime natural light in each room before they go dark again. This can really mess with a photo shoot when you have to clean and take pictures all in one day!

Another challenge is the fight not to paint the natural logs to brighten the space. This one tends to fade when I realize that I would basically be painting a forest. While there are some beautiful log cabins that have been painted I can’t bring myself to do something so permanent.

But once you finally find your design esthetic and go with it you fall in love all over again. Our cabin keeps us on our toes decorating and renovating it. It is nowhere near finished, but we are enjoying making every space new and ours.

Thank you for stopping by the “Pauls’ Kitchy Cabin.”

Happy National Log Cabin Day & Stay Sweet,
Amanda Lauren

Thank you, Amanda for sharing your charming cabin with us. All of the love and work you and your husband have put into it really shows. 

If you would like to see more photos of the cabin, keep up with ongoing projects, and see all of the creative signs in the ladies' shop, check out the Sweet P's Décor blog and Instagram.
Meet me back here tomorrow to tour a fabulous custom built dream log home.