Primary Bedroom Renovation | One Room Challenge Week 5 Update


It's week 5 of our One Room Challenge log home primary bedroom renovation and I'm happy to finally be able to say we are done with the walls!

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Welcome to Week 5 of our Fall 2022 One Room Challenge®, our log home primary bedroom. We are on track to finish this huge project in just eight weeks. And we're renovating literally from the top to the bottom. We're still working on the top!

I'll post our progress each week to keep y'all up to date on what's happening. You can also see all of the other projects that are happening for the challenge by clicking that link above.

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I can't believe here we are in week 5 and I'm saying we have finished the walls now. I never dreamed how much time they would take, but I guess considering we only have a few hours here and there to work on them I shouldn't be so surprised.

We are so pleased with how much brighter the room is now, despite all of the darker wood in there. Taking the wood shakes down and removing the popcorn finish was definitely the correct decision.

In other news, I finally ordered the bed! Hopefully it comes in time! I asked Wayfair if it was possible to expedite shipping and they quoted an additional $950! So regular shipping it is...

It took quite a lot of searching to find one that fit all of my requirements: curved top (since it's going against the horizontal lines of the log wall), light gray, not velvet, not tufted.

There were a hundred other little things we had to do

Our Project Work List

I know it doesn't look like much is crossed off, but this is the bulk of the heavy work lately. I'm sure this list will grow longer and more specific, but for now here are the main jobs that need to be done:

Remove shakes from upper walls
Remove popcorn finish from upper wall
Install drywall
Remove & replace window
Install wide plank pine floors
Install door trim
Install wall trim
Install chandelier
Repair chimney
Install a reclaimed beam mantel
Install fireplace trim
Install doors for bathroom and closet
Decorate (this is open-ended lol)

As always, thanks for stopping by and following along with our renovation projects!