So Here We Go!

I never thought I would start a blog for real, even though it was always an idea. Up until now I have just been documenting our renovation story on Instagram because it felt like less of a commitment and quicker. I mean, what Mama of four babies under 10 has the time for a blog? Turns out I do. That time for me is between 10pm and 1am!

This blog will be a mixture of renovation progress, DIY ideas, crafting, furniture painting, repurposing my treasured old things, and maybe some recipes. And whatever else I think up. 

I feel like this project we have undertaken, renovating this amazing log home deserves to be documented.  We have stumbled upon a buried treasure that no one else seemed to want. Slowly we are uncovering all of its potential. I think it will be an interesting story and I hope you will too.  

So here we go! Thank you so much for sharing our journey with us!