Vintage Metal Stool Restoration

I've been on the lookout for a while now for one of these vintage metal stools. Recently I saw this one in an online ad for an estate sale.  I was so excited!  I grabbed my sister-in-law who was visiting that week and she and I left our kids with the daddies and headed out.  I was so disappointed when I didn't see it on our first walk through the house. But when we went back through the kitchen I found it!  Someone had been standing in front of it before.  I could see a lot of visible rust on it, but I knew I could clean that up and for $16 I snatched it up!

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So back to my vintage stool was a lot of visible rust on both the painted seat and back, but especially on the chrome.  Once I found the right product it turned out to be pretty easy to remove it.

Someone suggested that I use crumpled wet aluminum foil to remove the rust from the chrome.  It did a pretty good job taking off the rust but it took quite a bit of elbow grease.

BUT the aluminum foil scratched the paint! Nooooooo! So that was not the right solution for this project.

So then I thought about my stainless steel cookware cleaning powder.  I used it on a rag to make a paste and rubbed the chrome with the rag.

It really worked! And it didn't take much elbow grease.

I was really pleased with how it turned out.  The Barkeeper's Friend took the rug off of the chrome and the painted parts.  I did this little cleanup four months ago and happily the rust hasn't reappeared.  I love this new addition to my kitchen!

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Red Brick on the Lake said...

I love this stool so much!! I can't believe how clean you got it!

Kellie@gratefullyvintage said...

I want one!!! I love it & you restored it to new!!

Sam - Raggedy Bits said...

How super cool that you were able to make this awesome stool all new again!

Thank you so much for sharing over at Waste Not Wednesday!

Angel said...

I came across one of these in pink last weekend at our Goodwill for $9.99. I thought about getting it, loved the pink, but it just didn't go with what I have in there right now. I'm trying to only purchase what I know I'd love and use. But the fact that I keep thinking about it is making me second guess my decision. I'm sure it's gone now.

Nikki said...

Love it! I have the same stool that I found this summer for $5 at an estate sale in MT! Insane! Funny thing is that it was the same estate sale that I got my vintage typewriter from, and at the time that I purchased it, I couldn't pick it up so I went back to get it, and there sat that beautiful little stool! I asked the lady how I could have missed that my last time  through, and she said that she had actually just brought it out. Talk about a stroke of luck!

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