Perfect Linens and A Special Offer

Sheets are usually not something I give much thought to and my last few purchases have shown that.  I've made some bad random purchases. So when I found Perfect Linens, an online store that specializes only in sheets, I was intrigued.  Stay tuned because at the end of this post there is a special offer for you!

Last year, I picked high thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets because I thought that was the best. They were a wrinkly mess every time I washed them and ripped very quickly. I bought microfiber sheets that ended up pilling and very uncomfortable after one wash. This Winter we have slept on flannel sheets that are pilled now too. 

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Perfect Linens takes the guesswork out of sheet buying. With their online
"Help Me Choose" 1-Minute Sheet Advisor, they help you pick your sheets based on how they feel to the touch. Because my background is in mechanical engineering and design, I surprised at how much science goes into testing these sheets.  They wash the sheets many times and then do objective tests and fabric analysis in their lab.  The results based on these tests can help you decide which ones to pick. When I took the "Help Me Choose" quiz it recommended the Baby's Bottom Sheets, so those are the ones I picked.

I have to say they are the most comfortable sheets I have ever slept on.  The pillow cases felt so smooth against my face.  My husband even noticed how wonderful they felt, and that's saying a lot!

I've washed these sheets three times so far and I haven't noticed any pilling. They aren't 100% smooth straight out of the dryer, but I've never seen cotton sheets that are.  Perfect Linens recommends taking the sheets out of the dryer when they are slightly damp, putting them on your bed and smoothing them with your hand.  That really does work!  Here's what they looked like after following those instructions and before I ironed them, and I found them to be just fine with no changes in comfort.

They are nice and smooth for my pictures because I used a light warm iron so they could look their very best. 

Perfect Linens offers a small curated selection of the best sheets they could find.  That makes sheet shopping so much easier.  And I'm so excited to say Perfect Linens is offering my readers a special 15% off code!  Just use the code HoodCreek15

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