One Room Challenge | Week 1 | Before's and Plans

Hey! If you're visiting for the first time from the One Room Challenge link up, welcome!  I’m thrilled to be joining in as a guest participant in the One Room Challenge again! A huge thank you to Linda at Calling it Home for organizing the event.

To give you a little history, for the past two and a half years we've been working to renovate the log home we bought as a foreclosure.  It's definitely a work in progress, but we are trying to be patient and are slowly working our way through it room by room as we can afford it.  

For the last One Room Challenge, we did my husband's Modern Rustic Home Office.  It was our first time joining in and we worked till the last minute, but we finished.  This time we are tackling one of our bathrooms!

The Before's:

I'm feeling like we may have bitten off more than we can chew since our last bathroom renovation took about three months.  But this one won't be quite as involved as the last one so I think we can do it!

I'm really excited about this project because of its potential.  Honestly, it can only improve.  Here is the current ceiling:

But when we looked in the attic access panel in the hallway outside this bathroom, this is what we found in the attic space above that dropped ceiling:

Exposing a vaulted attic ceiling

Needless to say, this ceiling will be coming down to expose this gorgeous vaulted ceiling with hand hewn beams.  One thing I accomplished this week is sealing all of this raw wood with a satin interior/exterior polyurethane while I could stand (sit, lay and contort) on this floor to reach it all instead of doing it high up on a ladder later. It didn't change the look of it much in this dim light, but now it's protected and has a richer color.

So here is the current floor plan of this bathroom:

Bathroom Layout Before
And here's how we are planning on re-configuring it:
Bathroom Layout After
The biggest change will be removing the tub/shower insert and replacing it with a tiled shower to make more room.

Our To-Do List for this project:

-Seal attic ceiling
-Demolition- removing everything pretty much to the studs/logs
-Demolition of ceiling
-Move electrical and plumbing in attic space
-Build new wall in attic space
-Install new drywall
-Install new tile floor
-Build and tile new shower
-Repair logs and chinking
-Install new toilet
-Rework plumbing as needed
-Rework electrical as needed
-Install new lighting
-Install new cabinet
-Install new counter and sink
-Build new linen cabinet
-Install new mirror

And I'm sure before we are done this list will get longer! Isn't that how these renovation projects usually go?

Thanks so much for joining us on this six-week adventure!