How to Make a Wood Dough Bowl Planter Centerpiece

Can you plant plants in a wooden dough bowl safely without ruining the wood? Yes! Here's what I came up with and it's working!

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Wood dough bowls have been popular in decor for a while now. They are versatile enough to fit into almost any style of home.

But how can you use a dough bowl as a planter without ruining the wood? Here's what I came up with:

Everything I Used:

How I did it:

1. Line the dough bowl 

Unfold and spread out the heavy duty trash bag. Lay it in flat in the dough bowl. I used both sides of the bag. 

2. Rough trim the bag

Then I gave the bag a rough trim, leaving extra on the sides to make sure it would fit correctly after I placed the plants in it.

3. Add pea gravel

Then I added a layer of small rocks to help provide a little drainage for the plants. Actually, what I used was some larger aquarium rocks that we weren't using.

4. Add plants

Next I added the plants, making sure to spread the roots out a little. I used plants from small pots so they didn't have deep roots and would fit in the dough bowl height-wise. I used six white geranium plants and two creeping jenny plants.

I pressed all of the potting soil of the plants together so there were no divisions and the plants stood up straight. The soil was just under the level of the top of the dough bowl rim.

5. Final Trim

After all of the weight of the plants and soil is in and pressed down level to the top of the dough bowl, I did a final trim of the trash bag. I cut it just to the top of the dough bowl.

6. Top with moss

I used green floral moss from Dollar Tree to top the soil. It was quite compacted, so I pulled it apart to be looser. Then I just laid the moss on top of the soil to cover it and the edge of the trash bag.

And that was it! Super easy, simple, and cheap! How to make a wood dough bowl planter!

How to Care for a Dough Bowl Planter

Water is the enemy of raw wood. That's why the liner is important. It's also important when watering the planter to only add water in the center of the plantings. Water them carefully so the water doesn't overflow the edge of the liner and run down under it into the dough bowl itself.

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