DIY Modern Rustic Cabin Bathroom Renovation Update 3 [Light Fixtures]

We are so close to being done with our DIY modern rustic cabin bathroom renovation! We've got the new light fixtures installed.  This bathroom is part of a major renovation of the attached mother-in-law apartment on our house that we've been working on for the past few months.  

If you missed my last update you can find it here DIY Modern Rustic Cabin Bathroom Renovation Update 2 [Tile, Shower Door, Trim]

During our renovations these past few years, we've been trying to maintain a balance of updating the house and keeping true to the rustic elements of a log home.  In this bathroom we decided we wanted to use shower system that only came in chrome, so that led us down the chrome road in there.  
*This post is sponsored by Lamps Plus, but all opinions are mine. 

I was really struggling to find light fixtures that I liked in chrome. Everything just looked so modern or glam.  But then it hit me that in our last bathroom renovation, the guest room bathroom (which I never blogged, but will soon!), I really liked the way mixed metals looked.  I started looking at oil rubbed bronze fixtures like in there.  So here is what I ended up with, the Jenisen Arch Bronze Bathroom Light from Lamps Plus

Source: Lamps Plus
It made me feel more confident in my decision when I saw that photo had a chrome faucet since that's what we have.  I chose to hang ours with the bulbs up.  It looks like a happy smile to me this way!

And that gorgeous vaulted ceiling we exposed during demolition just begged for a chandelier of some sort.  If you want to see what this ceiling used to look like and how we exposed it you can check that out here at One Room Challenge | Week 1 | Before's and Plans and here at DIY Modern Rustic Cabin Bathroom Update 1 [New Walls]

There was no power in the middle of the ceiling for this light, so my husband surface mounted a piece of conduit spray painted matte black to get power where we needed it.

Since this bathroom has no natural light, I was looking for the most possible light output, both upward and downward.  With other lights in our home I have discovered that white glass shades create much more light than a clear shade or no shade.  When you're going for maximum light like we are, this is important.  After much looking I settled on this one,
this Halifax 18" oil rubbed bronze pendant also from Lamps Plus.  Installing this fixture was definitely a two person job (three if you count the person taking the pictures and handing up tools :)

We also installed the new vanity, counter top, sink and faucet.  We are working on modifying a stock linen cabinet to fit in between the vanity and the wall.  Were super close to being done!

Thanks for checking in with our progress here!  We've got a lot going on lately and there's going to be a lot of project jumping in my upcoming posts but I hope you can stick with us through it all!