Log Home Series: Christie's Heart

It's the fourth day and tour the third annual Log Home Tour Series, in honor of National Log Cabin Day on June 25th. Welcome! Today we are touring Christie's cozy and homey Alabama log cabin farmhouse.

Christie says:
Our cabin is about 8 years old. We bought it 6 years ago when we moved to Alabama from south Louisiana. We have an open floor plan and vaulted ceiling in the main living area, a large porch, a back deck, cement countertops in the bathrooms & kitchen, we have slate flooring in the bathroom & shower, and hand scraped bamboo flooring in the main living area.  

When we bought our home, it was almost complete except for a wood stove & countertop in the kitchen. We painted the few interior (non-log) walls red.  The warmth of the log walls really helps with that "home-like" feeling. My favorite season is winter. Sitting under a quilt, in front of our wood stove, with a cup of coffee, it's pretty hard to beat!

Speaking of quilts, here is my quilt collection and picnic basket collection.

We added a side porch that adjoins the front porch, wood fencing for a large patio area in the back of the house, We have plans to add a side porch to the other side of the house as well.

I thought I was country my whole life...until I got to Alabama! We have a small cattle farm, a few chickens (with new baby chicks!), and a 10 year old Golden Retriever named Roxie. I love country living & our log cabin is just the icing on the cake! Almost every evening, you will find my hubby & I riding the four-wheeler and checking our cows (which I like to think of as our pets!).

So that is Christie's cozy log cabin farmhouse! Thanks for stopping by to tour it today! 

If you'd like to see more of Christie's cabin and heart, you can find her on Instagram @christiesheart.

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