Coat Closet Organization Makeover | $100 Room Challenge

I'm excited to join in on the $100 Room Challenge!!  Erin of  Lemons Lavender & Laundry hosts this challenge on her blog and when I heard about it, I knew it was the perfect challenge for me!  The goal is to make over a space with a budget of only $100 dollars in four weeks.  At the end of this post you will see all the amazing bloggers taking this challenge are working on too!

We are three years into our renovation and have been taking our time, paying as we go, trying to make the best and most economical choices.  If you're a regular around here, you know we've been working on getting the structure of the house itself renovated, like a new roof and drainage systems, as well as getting the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems functioning properly.  We've finished a few rooms but a lot of rooms have gotten to the "good enough" stage and then we've moved on to a more pressing project.  This coat closet is one of those spaces that has been "good enough" for the past three years.  It did its job, but there is certainly nothing appealing about it.  Here it is in all of its glory!

It's the first door when you come in the back door.  I've been contemplating removing the door.  I did for a while at first, but the closet wasn't great looking so I didn't like it as much as I thought I would and had my husband put it back on.

It was just an empty closet when we moved in but I cobbled this together out of things I already had on hand.  That's kinda how I roll in a pinch.  I got this cheapy laminate shelving unit for free on Craigslist about five years ago.  I painted it white back then and after the beating it has taken, it needs to be retired.  I'd love to replace it with some floor to ceiling shelves on that side.  We have lots of 12" wide pine boards left over from our DIY Wide Plank Pine Floors  and also some shelves that came out of a closet in the apartment that I think we can get pretty far with re-purposing without having to buy more. 

And I've been using these IKEA hanging organizers for my husband's shoes and our hats/baseball gloves/bike helmets, etc.  I keep two beach bags in this closet so we're always ready to go.  I'd love to figure out a good way to store them.  Yes, that is a shower rod holding up everything.  It's shameful, LOL!

Guess what?!  The day after I took these photos this whole contraption fell down on the floor when my husband was pulling out some shoes!  

It definitely needed to be replaced!  I will be re-using a metal rod from that apartment closet if it will fit.  That reminds me...I need to measure that rod...

I would love to do something bold and decorative on this back wall.  I'll see what I come up with.  I've also been toying with the idea of moving the bench from the entryway into the closet along the back wall.  I'm going with the flow with this little project.  Our upcoming kitchen renovation is requiring lots of planning so I guess it's a relief and a fun outlet to wing things and be spontaneously creative with this project.

Another thing I plan on fixing is the popcorn ceiling.  Apparently at some point there was a light up there and the hole was patched.  I will scrape the popcorn off and patch the drywall again and paint.  We always have all of the supplies for that job on hand because we are working our way through the house removing popcorn.  That light may just have to stay even though it isn't cute, unless I can figure out something else that will fit the budget.

Ok, so that's all of my embarrassing before photos!  Please don't judge too hard!  Honestly I'm not sure what I will get done in the next week or two because three of my kids will be starting school back next week and we are trying to transition from Summer break to back to school!  Once they're back in I will have more time to work on this project.  It's going to be my back to school organization project!

Thanks for stopping by!  And as promised, here are all of the other bloggers who are participating in the $100 Room Challenge: