Log Home Tour Series: Carey's Country Garden

National Log Cabin Day falls on the last Sunday of June and each year I like to recognize it with my Log Home Tour Series!  This is the fourth year of my annual Log Home Tour Series!  Farmhouse style is so popular these days, but log cabins were the original farmhouses! This year I am sharing a very special tour with you, a farmhouse style log cabin.  It combines the very best of rustic log cabin and chippy farmhouse styles!  Just wait till you see what is inside!  Welcome to Carey's Country Garden Log Cabin!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably also follow @careyscountrygarden.  That's where I first found her beautiful chippy antique and flower filled log cabin, and I'm so pleased to share it with you today!  

I'll let Carey take over her cabin story from here!

Our log cabin journey began exclusively with my wonderful husband more than twenty years ago. It was always a dream of his to live in a log home that was built wholly with his “own two hands.” Shortly after we met he began to harvest the logs for his tiny two room dream home. Those precious logs were specially selected from the third generation family farm—and so the adventure began!

However, as many venturesome projects progress, the original goals quickly took a comprehensive turn; and, he began to see a different future for himself. On December 25th 2001, we were engaged; and in 2003, we were married with plans for someday being blessed with a family of our own. Therefore, the plans for the much anticipated tiny two room log cabin would be no longer—the dream just got bigger…much bigger!
As a result, we began to plan for and design our future log home—together. We contacted a local craftsman who specialized in custom log home construction with natural two sided red pine logs—the amazing journey continued!

That following spring we were able to visit Natural Log Homes and walk through and stand within the log walls of our very own dream home. The logs were temporarily constructed on their sight where the builders skillfully and artfully custom fitted and shaped each log to join together perfectly.

It was a very surreal experience standing within our future log home and seeing exactly where each door and window would be placed; all the while imagining what it would be like to see our cabin reconstructed on our very own property—our home!  Following our visit (and enthusiastic approval), each log was then meticulously lettered and numbered. All the logs were painstakingly dismantled, then banded together and carefully loaded onto a semi tractor trailer and safely delivered to our prepared property site for reassembly.

In the fall of 2002, we began construction. We sorted and identified each log according to their numbered and lettered identifications. Then, we began setting each log into place high atop the cement block walkout basement; carefully following each specifically marked, numbered and lettered log in sequence. This arduous process was much like playing with life sized Lincoln Logs—like he played with as a child.

In total there are eleven courses of logs creating eight foot walls on the main level. The roof of our home was constructed with dimensional lumber, which sits on top of the logs. Inside our home, we have eighteen foot cathedral ceilings that are finished with six inch tongued and grooved boards. These boards were cut from the logs intended for the original “tiny cabin” that my husband started building in his bachelor days.

Much like many do-it-yourself ventures, our log home has happily morphed over the last eighteen years. For example, in the spring of 2017, we added a much needed attached dimensional lumber-built two car garage with a fabulous, much loved master suite, which sits contentedly above the garage. We also added a larger living room area complete with a marvelous pellet burning fireplace—very cozy.

Additionally, in the winter of 2018, we completely reconfigured and renovated the kitchen, which allowed a much more spacious feel and also created a greatly enhanced work flow area. We also installed larger windows that allowed for more natural light, which was a welcome addition to the overall interior ambiance of our home.

Most who live in a natural whole log home appreciate the fact that the natural light is definitely a precious commodity—the interior logs do little to reflect light. With that said, it is important to note that our interior wood has been painted white to create a bright, light and airy farmhouse atmosphere.

Since I was a child, I have always had a love for charming old farmhouses with tons of character. So, it has become our combined goal to incorporate as much rustic 'farm charm’ appeal within our log cabin as possible.

As a result, our furnishings are a distinctive mix of unique antique pieces with old chippy cracked paint. We seem to be drawn to weathered and time worn items that show their age, in combination with a few new items that help create a welcome, relaxed, cozy, and laidback environment.

Our home is a unique combination of the timeless and highly sought after farm charm appeal, which has been a favorite of ours for years; and, lovingly paired with the enduring traditional log cabin style home that he dreamed about and envisioned since he was a teen—happily built with our own hands!  Amen.

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the tour of Carey's unique farmhouse log cabin.  If you'd like to catch up on the previous log home tours, you can find them under the "Log Home Tour Series" tab or click here.