The New Chicks Meet Their German Shepherd Big Brother!

We have new babies at the cabin! We're all so excited about them, including Zeke! My daughter and I stopped by our local farm supply store Sunday because I heard they had chicks. I said let’s go look at them. She said you know if you go look at them we will be leaving with chicks. Yeah, I know...

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I’m notorious for it. I once went in there for chicken feed and came out with seven baby ducks. It’s a joke in our family now. They’re just so cute! Who can resist??? So we have four new chicks, two Amberlinks and two Barred Rocks, to add to our little flock of three Silver Wyandottes and a Rhode Island Red.
We did a fun little photo shoot with Zeke the German Shepherd and the new chicks. He was so good! He was so curious about them but was so gentle. He gave them a couple of licks, but mostly just sat in awe of them. 

My daughter was just out of the shot on the right side to chicken wrangle and make sure Zeke was doing well. Here are all of the cute shots and what I imagine Zeke was thinking. A lot of them would probably be considered outtakes, but I think they're hilarious! 

Whoa! What is you?

I is not too sure about these little things.

Is I being a good boy, Sister?

 Mama says chicks are friends, not food.

 This is my smoldering pose.

 I just gotta give them a little sniff.

  Stinking CAT, get out of my shot!

 They is jumpy!

 I needs a closer look.

  Don't hop off the porch! Zeke will keep you safe!

I think I like these things!

 Mama! They're attacking me!

 This one is getting away!

 You is little!

 Where is you going?

 I needs another sniff.

 Ewwww they stinky.

I think I is allergic!

 Maybe one more little sniff. I is a dog. I like stink.

 We friends?

 I know you're new here, but Mama says we're not allowed to poop on the porch!

 I is happy about these new chicks! We friends now!

Hope you enjoyed all of this cuteness! We had to do this quickly because the chicks get bigger every day! Since we took these pictures, we've added another four chicks...because I went into the farm supply store again.

Which Zeke face is your favorite? Drop a comment and let me know!

*no chicks or pups were harmed during this photo shoot
New Amberlink and Barred Rock Chicks Meet Their German Shepherd Big Brother!