DIY Paint Dipped Magnolia Leaf Place Cards

Here is an easy and inexpensive DIY place card idea. They would be perfect for a barn wedding or farmhouse wedding, but would make any dinner special! 

These DIY paint dipped magnolia leaf place cards are so simple to make! Make just a few for a small dinner party, or layout a hundred of them and make them in bulk for a wedding or other larger event.
Here's the super easy process.

Materials Needed

  • Magnolia leaves
  • Acrylic craft paint in your color of choice
  • Small dish or paper plate
  • Painter's tape
  • Small paint brush
  • Paint or Chalk paint marker

How to Do It

1. Squirt your paint out in a small bowl or paper plate. I wanted a rose gold paint, but I didn't have one on hand. I mixed a metallic gold acrylic paint and a pink. It came out really well!

2. Tape off the section of leaf that you want to paint. If you need symmetry in your life, you can paint them all the same. If you'd like to add a little variety to them, you can tape them at different angles or straight across the end.

My tip: to conserve painter's tape you can cut it into thin strips lengthwise. It doesn't need to be an inch wide for this project!

3. Apply two coats of acrylic craft paint.  

4. When the paint is dry, carefully peel off the blue tape. If it is coming off unevenly, you may need to score the line lightly with a craft knife or touch up the line with a little bit of paint. 

5. Write out the names using a paint or chalk marker.

My Tip: Before you start writing your names, plan out your table. Think about how you want your leaves to be arranged. You could alternate having the paint dipped end on the left and right of the leaf, or they could all be on the right or the left. It just depends on what you like. When I used these magnolia leaf place cards on this Rustic Pink Winter Table, I did half of them with the paint on the left and half with it on the right. That way, when you look down the table, the leaf tips are on the same side.

I used this metallic pink marker I got from Dollar Tree. Just a simple cursive will look nice if you aren't a fancy writer. I was really impressed with how well it wrote! You could also use a white chalk marker and it would make the name stand out more.

And that's it! So easy! Here's how they looked on my Rustic Pink Winter Table

Hope you found some place card inspiration for your next event! Thanks for stopping by!



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