7 Ways to Decorate With Fall Branches

If you've been around here for a while, you know that I love bringing natural elements inside for decor. Fall gives us a great opportunity to use branches with colorful leaves and berries. The best thing is when you can get them for free!

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I really enjoy foraging for pretty things outside to bring inside.

They are something I try to keep an eye out for when I'm walking around our yard...

Or driving our country roads...

Once I found a small sumac tree growing in a roadside ditch, and I did this with its branches:

That was one of my favorite Fall tablescapes ever!

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Sadly the state road maintenance crews cleared those ditches not long after that and that little sumac tree fell victim to their huge mowers.

I haven't seen another sumac tree since then until just a few weeks ago when I saw another one in a ditch. It's on a blind curve so I have to figure out a way to get to it.

Just in my yard this week, I found so many branches and vines that would make beautiful Fall decor!

Maybe you are fortunate enough to find some branches with colorful leaves or berries...

How can branches be use in Fall decor?

1. In Vases, Glass Jugs, or Crocks

Like these pokeberry branches, which are actually the entire plant.

When I was a kid I used to squish these berries to make purple paint. They are very potent staining.

I used them last Fall as part of my Vintage Glass and Brass Fall Table.

Then I let them dry and used them again on my Fall mantel this year.

They dried to a deep dark purple.

Of course if you can find branches with leaves starting to change color, they make a beautiful display in a vase or other container.

Ours haven't really started changing yet and are still mostly green.

But our Beautyberry is definitely living up to its name!

2. In Flower Arrangements

This Beautyberry is such an interesting plant.

I heard old timers made jelly out of it, but I haven't seen anyone doing it currently.

They don't taste like much, so I would imagine it would take a lot of sugar to make a good jelly out of them.

They sure are pretty though!

I used small cuts of Beautyberry with dried hydrangeas in the flower arrangements for this Fall tablescape, but they make a gorgeous arrangement in long branch lengths too.

I said the table with the Sumac branches was my favorite, but now looking at this I think this one might be my favorite.

3. Drape From Chandeliers

I already showed the Sumac branches, but grapevines are another favorite of mine to use.

I guess technically they are vines, but I like to find straighter ones and cut them into about 4' pieces so they are more branch-like than vine-like.

They work well draped around chandeliers.

Wild scuppernong and muscadine grape vines grow everywhere along the edge of our woods, so I have plenty to use. 

This time of year when they start to have a few golden leaves, I think they are even prettier!

4. Across the Top of Horizontal Surfaces

Here's another spot I used grape vines, on top of my china cabinet.

They stayed there all Fall and dried to a pretty golden brown.

Any type of Fall branch could be used like this.

Drape them on top of furniture, open shelves, a mantel, or above a doorway or window.

5. Table Centerpieces

Fall branches can make a beautiful addition down the center of a table. 

Here I used a wide strip of burlap as a simple runner and then used grapevines and mini pumpkins and squash as the centerpiece. 

So easy!

6. In Baskets, Double Broilers, or Other Larger Vessels

Any Fall branches will work to stand up in a large vessel. Just put the branches in a mason jar or vase of water inside to keep them fresh.

7. Hanging From the Ceiling

Now this one may take a little more planning than just putting branches in a vase or draping them on a mantel, but just look how pretty a hanging branch can be!

This is a branch I hung from nails into a porch beam.

I hung glass candle holders from it.

Amazing evening porch ambiance!

Remember this from the wedding we hosted at the cabin?

I hung branches with glass candleholders from the ceiling throughout the house and it was so lovely and romantic.

I'm sure there are many other ways to use branches in Fall decor.

These are just the ideas I have used in the past.

But what if you don't have access to real live branches that you can forage for?

I've found a few that look really pretty that you may like:

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope it gives you some ideas on what to do with Fall branches!

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