How to Use Pattern and Texture in a Room Design

What is trending in 2023 interior design? Patterns and textures are one of the essential trending home design elements. Here are my tips on how to use them!

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I'm thrilled to be partnering with Carpet One Floor & Home for this project. I recently received their 2023 Floorcast gift box filled with great samples to use in designing a mood board for a room full of patterns and textures that I would love to have in my home.

Patterns and textures are elements that can help give your home interior depth and visual interest.

Flooring, furniture, wallpaper, pillow and throw fabrics, and accessories can all be used to bring in various textures and patterns.

A mood board is a great way to narrow down the feeling you want your room design to have and what design elements you'd like to use.

Want to see all of the samples in my Floorcast box?

I was very excited to see Made for Living by Amber Lewis, who is such a talented interior designer.

There was also the most recent copy of the Carpet One Floor & Home design magazine, Beautiful Design Made Simple, full of great tips.

And the Benjamin Moore Off White Collection fan deck.

Most importantly for this project, there were flooring samples.

There was also a beautifully textured soft gray throw, a large black wooden chain, and a Sand & Fog candle.

So where do you start when you want to add patterns and textures in a room design?

From my experience, wall paint is the easiest thing to match to other elements. There are so many paint color options, but not as many fabrics, and even less wallpaper choices. I usually like to start with the largest piece of furniture that will be going into a room.

In this case, it will be a large sectional with a gray tweed patterned fabric. That's what I used as the base for my room's mood board.

My Tip: Keep the large, most expensive furniture pieces a neutral color that will work in varying styles. Use more fun or bold patterns and colors on smaller pieces of furniture and less expensive elements that can be changed easily. 

Then I was ready to choose my flooring. The room I'm envisioning has a wood floor entry, transitioning into a cozy carpet with an interesting muted pattern.

From the top left and then clockwise, those samples are:

Luxury Vinyl
Color: Arrowhead

Color: Ivory Lady

Color: Quest

Style: Harrison Trail - Sliced Hickory White
Color: Cream Delight

I chose the Harrison Trail hardwood and the Looking Forward carpet swatches for my design. I liked how they worked with the tweed of the couch. The wood added a beautiful pattern with the knots. 

Then I was ready to move on to wallpaper. Wallpaper is an easy way to add pattern, and in some cases texture, to a room.

Here is where a decision has to be made, do I want a bold pattern or a more muted pattern? Do I want to use the wallpaper to add bold color to the design?

I chose a colorful Arts and Crafts movement-inspired wallpaper with a large format pattern.

My Tip: Choose patterns in a variety of sizes, but similar color families. Choose a large, a medium, and a small format pattern. Mix about half solids and half patterns for balance.

Next, I was ready to move to accent fabric selections. Since the wallpaper has various shades of greens and pinks, it was fairly easy to decide which fabrics were a good option.

I found two throw pillow options that I really liked with the wallpaper. The paisley and leaf pattern gave some movement and also repeated the leaf pattern in the wallpaper. The green and white plaid pillow added a nubby woolen texture and a large format pattern.

So here are the accent fabrics that I chose. The brick colored fabric is solid, but has a raised square pattern. Then there is a medium sized pattern with gray, beige, and brick colored print, and another one with the same colors but with a small raised pattern. From a distance, it reads pink. I also brought in a dark green ribbed fabric for a different texture.

I'm envisioning the medium sized patterned fabric as an accent chair in the room. The small patterned fabric would work for this too.

The rest of the fabrics would make beautiful throw pillows for the sectional. 

I chose some beautiful rose colored faux silk curtains to add a new texture and subtle shine.

I chose a very muted neutral pink, Opal by Benjamin Moore, for the other walls. A muted greenish white would have also worked. The dark green of the wallpaper would be very dramatic.

Next was an opportunity to layer texture and pattern into the design with accessories. This flat basket adds such a beautiful natural texture and color. It's also a good base to sit on a coffee table with other items layered on it.

Antique pottery, brass candlesticks, and a black pottery lamp add lots more texture.

I added in the textured and fringed gray throw and the candle from the Carpet One Floor & Home Floorcast box.

And then one of my favorites of my most recent thrifting finds, this large brass giraffe.

 My Tip: Use a mixture of new items and thrifted vintage or antique finds to bring interest and history to your room design. 

Finally, I added some dried flowers and some faux pink thistles for more texture. They would be charming on the basket tray or in an arrangement in a vase.

And then my mood board for the new room I designed was done!

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the patterns and textures of my room mood board with Carpet One Floor & Home! Let me know in the comments, do you like to mix patterns? Do you like to make mood boards for rooms you're designing?