Cozy Winter Fireplace

Winter decor is my favorite. It's just so cozy! Are you looking for some fireplace decor ideas? This week I gave the fireplace in our bedroom a little cozy Winter love.

The fireplace in our master bedroom definitely needed to be cozied up since it's right beside our bed and was just a mass of stones.

It seems like every fireplace needs some wood nearby, whether it's functional or decorative or both.  I wanted some birch logs so badly last year but they are really expensive in stores and they don't grow here.  Thankfully they do grow in Michigan and my mother-in-law kindly collected some for me. We brought them back from the last time we visited. I found the log holder in the clearance section of Homegoods for only $7 last year. This was the extent of my fireplace decor for quite a while. 

Fireplaces usually have a lot of hard lines. Soften up those hard edges with a variety of textures. This vintage fur shawl feels so luxurious but it was something my aunt found at a yardsale and gave my kids to use for dress up. Mama is borrowing it for a little while and they will have to figure out another way to be a bear. 

That sparkly pillow is usually on my bed, but I used it here to add a that pop of  shine. I made the other pillow out of an old sweater of mine. 

Still adding some more texture and shine, I added a cozy throw to my copper bin, which I'm loving with the copper log holder. I added some small pine branches from the yard for a little greenery. 

So my best advice when decorating for winter? Before you buy anything new, look around and see what you have that can be temporarily repurposed. And shop your yard, or your neighbors yard if they will let you, or even the side of the road for any natural elements you can bring in for free.

Oh AND we finally lit this fireplace for the first time last week!