Rustic Natural Winter Porch

I am so excited to be invited by one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet, Jess of Honeynhydrangea to participate in the Favorite Winter Decor Home Tours. It's finally feeling like Winter in our neck of the woods and it has gotten me in the mood to bring some natural Winter elements onto the porches. Life is busy lately so I have kept this simple and easy. I made use of what I already had and what I could gather from our yard.

Our back porch is my favorite spot for sitting and drinking coffee or hot chocolate while keeping an eye on the kids when they play outside. 

I added some rusty goodness and pine cones to the galvanized bucket on my little red chair by the back door.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen my vintage fire hose reel and my great grandmother's old kerosene stove. I love to decorate them each season. 
These branches are dried Rose of Sharon from one of our bushes. They dry beautifully and that bush needed to be pruned anyway.

We have an overabundance of pine cones around here, so they find their way into a lot of my decor. I dressed up my old Dairylea milk jug with a burlap and lace bow and tied some pine cones together with brown yarn. Super easy.

Farther down the porch, this corner is another favorite spot of mine.  A cozy fleece throw and a pillow that I recovered using one of my husband's old sweaters warm this spot right up. Try as I might to have neutral decor, color will always find a way in, especially red.

I needed a side table for this area and I decided to repurpose one of my old milk cans. We lost a big oak tree in a storm a few months ago and I asked my husband to cut some thinner slices for me to use for several projects I had in mind. This one was the perfect topper for my little milk can side table. 

Heading to the front porch now, here's another of my favorite spots.

The wicker furniture always seems more summery to me. So I added a colorful throw over it and some firewood to add some more textures. And again, red always finds its way in. Giant pine cones and some pine needles from the yard piled onto a galvanized tray finished this spot off.

I found this evergreen that is quite possibly a weed growing in the yard. I dug it up with a shovel (it had surprisingly big roots!) and replanted it an enamel pitcher. We shall see how long it survives. And another chunk of the big oak tree makes an appearance.

So there's a little tour of my rustic natural Winter porches. Thanks for stopping by!  now make sure you check out all of the other Winter decor ideas from the rest of the tour:


Jamie said...

Oh man!!! I love this so so much!!! Now I just need to find a log cabin with a huge porch so I can decorate it :)

Brittany said...

Oh my goodness, this is beautiful. My favorite is the the stump on the front porch with the white pitcher full of eucalyptus. Classic!

Unknown said...

I LOVE this! I agree with Brittany, fresh eucalyptus is my favorite, especially in the winter. And now I need my husband to get the chain saw and get me a stump for the porch;)

Jessica said...

This whole post is stunning. Your porches are to die for and I love how you have given them a warm yet simple look.

Unknown said...

Beautiful Dara! your porch is wonderful!

Unknown said...

I love your post! You have a beautiful blog! This Winter Home tour was so much fun to do with you gals!

Shwetablog said...


Julie Garmon said...

Oh, how I love this post! We live in a cabin in the woods. Thanks for sharing! Great inspiration!

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