Sunday Calm [Features 3]

Calm. Peace. Reflection. Joy. Beauty. 
How do you see it?

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday morning is to sit with a cup of coffee and my husband, favorite person in the world. Just a few minutes is all I need.

Now on to this week's features for #HCLCsundaycalm on Instagram, which were submitted last Sunday. 

Natural light is good for the soul. I was captivated by the sun streaming in through the window in this photo by Debbie @seaside_cottage_couture
The charming little shadows in the light are from embroidered bees on the sheer curtains. 

Kari @prariegirlhome shared this amazing view of a pink Canadian prairie sunset. As she describes it, "Open sky for days and days and I think that gives them their quiet beauty...Nothing else lets me breathe quite like open prairie."

Lauren @rustedbliss shared a simple, uncluttered calming view of her home after a weekend of Spring cleaning. 

And Jessica @honeynhydrangea shared a loving photo she took while at the beach with her long time best friend, who had just driven 20 hours to surprise her with a visit. Now that's love! 

Big thanks to everyone who shared your photos last week! Can't wait to see this week's!