First Signs of Spring

Happy Spring! 
We were surprised by a cold day today despite the calendar and warm temps lately. This is such an exciting time of year so I took a little walk around the yard to see the goings on.

My hydrangeas are popping out!

 I have no idea how old they are since they were here when we bought the place. In our two years here they have never bloomed. I have taken every bit of advice I have received on them and am hoping and waiting to see if they bloom this year. 

Last year we removed a lot of forsythia that was overgrown and in a spot that attracted snakes but we left some that was farther from the house. Those yellow blooms are just so pretty!

Under our twin cypresses there is a sweet little natural area that I protect with each landscaping project. It's filled with wild violets, purple shamrocks, wild ferns, and cypress knees. Come Late Spring and into Fall, this spot by the back door is just lovely.  The best thing is I don't have to do a thing to it! 

During our ongoing landscaping project under the porch, we found this little rusty bit. It intrigues me so I left it here. 

The dogwoods are coming to life. How pretty in the evening sunlight.

We have scuppernong grapes, a variety of the Southern delicacy muscadine, intertwined in the dogwoods. They are the most amazing grapes in late Summer. 

We have several bunches of daffodils around the house, but my little one picked every single bloom recently as a present for Mama. The only one left is this lone one out by the mailbox. 

One of my favorite things about our yard is the wild blackberries that grow all around it. My Grandma calls these briarberries. Look, they're coming!

And lastly, the Rose of Sharon's by the front porch have sprung to life just in the last couple of days. They will have the most beautiful lavender blooms soon. 

Thanks for taking a little tour around our yard with me! It just struck me as I wrote this that we have a lot of purple and yellow blooms around here. Maybe it's not as random as it seemed at first. Happy Spring y'all!

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