Sunday Calm [Features 5]

Calm. Peace. Reflection. Joy. Beauty. 
How do you see it?

My favorite thing about #HCLCsundaycalm on Instagram is that it gives folks the freedom to share whatever those feelings look like to them. There is always a wide variety of photos shared, from decor to landscapes and everything in between. 

This gorgeous simple shot of roses was shared by Kellie @gratefullyvintage after a joyful dinner with family and friends. 

Lindsay and Jolene @newenglandnesters shared this lovely relaxing spot to unwind with a cup of tea and a book.

Esma @emsaventer posted this amazing beautiful view of a farm in the South African bushveld, a sub-tropical woodland ecoregion. 

And Heidi @cloverlycottage shared this sweet simple shot of a purple hyacinth, a sure sign of Spring. 

I look forward to seeing what is posted for #HCLCsundaycalm on Instagram today. Meet me over there and post your view too.