Sunday Calm [Features 13]

Calm. Peace. Joy. Beauty. 
How do you see it?

We enlarged our duck enclosure this week. The ducks are so funny and such creatures of habit, they would not go past the original fence line without being led across it. Even after venturing out, the three of them stick together closely. Those ducks' antics are a non-stop source of entertainment for our family. 

Thank you to everyone who shared a photo for #HCLCsundaycalm on Instagram this past Sunday. From florals and decor to landscapes and everything in between, you shared whatever those feelings look like to you. I love the opportunity to share others' talent with y'all, so here are this week's features. Please take a minute to check out their Instagram accounts and or blogs. 

Kerry of @lovewellcottage posted this striking photo of a doorway surrounded by flowers. 

Andrea @andrea_at_encore was visiting her hometown and found this lovely scene. 

As Kate @modbeachhouse put it, nature can have a very calming influence. She shared this shot reminiscent of beach colors and textures. 

And speaking of nature, North Carolina photographer EGolden @lastdoordownthehall
posted this breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains on a rainy and cloudy afternoon. 

Again, thank you to everyone who posted last week and I can't wait to see what you share today. Please note by tagging your photos #HCLCSundayCalm you are giving me permission to share your photos, with full credit of course, on social media and my blog. 

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