Wrought Iron Floor Lamp Makeover

When it comes to thrifting, usually I would rather find a piece that is solid but in need of some work instead of something in pristine condition. Mainly because things that need work are cheaper!  So I'm excited to be part of a blog hop this week featuring 19 thrifted items that have been given a makeover!  I'm sharing how I fixed up this rusty wrought iron floor lamp.

For $4.99 at my local Goodwill, it was definitely a bargain!

But the whole lamp was pretty rusty, especially this top part.

 To start off, I used a small wire brush to clean off the chunky parts of the rust. Then I wiped the entire lamp down with a rag to clean it well.

 Next, because we work with a lot of metal around here and already have this rust inhibitor called Ospho on hand, I used it to stop the rust. There are several rust inhibitors on the market that would probably also work well.  This piece wasn't super rusty, but since I had it I decided to use it.


I put some in a spray bottle and gave the whole piece a coat (wearing protective eyewear and gloves.)

I let it dry overnight (I moved it inside out of the humidity.) The next day the rust had turned into this white powder, which I cleaned off with a rag.  Again I wiped down the whole piece to clean it.

Next, the whole lamp got a nice coat of my go-to flat black paint, Rust-Oleum Flat Protective Enamel.

My Tip:  When I'm painting a light bulb base I roll up a paper towel and shove it in the socket so paint doesn't overspray inside it.  I also taped off the knob.


I am really pleased with the smoothness of the finish.

All done and ready to head inside!

I decided to just keep it simple and used an LED Edison bulb instead of adding a shade.  For now it's living in a corner of my husband's newly redone home office space.  You can see the rest of this room and how we made it over on a budget here One Room Challenge [Modern Rustic Home Office] Week 6 Final Reveal

Thanks for checking out my lamp makeover!  Now check out the creative projects that the rest of the bloggers in our blog hop have shared:


  1. Awesome job! This lamp now has such a rustic industrial feel to it and looks perfect next to your shelves!

  2. Great job! I love how your lamp turned out. It's fun participating in this wonderful blog hop with you!

  3. Great makeover, Dara!! Love the Edison light bulb without a shade!! Thanks so much for being part of this blog hop! xo
    Kendra @

    1. Thanks so much, Kendra! I appreciate the invitation!

  4. Fab makeover! Love the new look and the bulb looks awesome! Great look and creativity!

    Jenn and Vicki
    2 Bees in a Pod

  5. I love this piece Dara! Thanks for the great tips on rust inhibitor, and spraying the bulb socket too. Lovely to be in the blog hop with you!
    xo Personally Andrea

  6. I love how it turned out! You're right, it looks so much smoother. (I think I need to try that rust inhibitor - it looks like it works wonders!)

  7. It looks so cool! I love the Edison bulb in there! Great job restoring it!

  8. This looks like a brand new lamp, Dara! I've never even heard of that rust inhibitor before but it looks like a breeze to use so I'm definitely going to look for some in my area. I've passed up several pieces that I thought may be too rusty to bring back but now I know they could have a second chance :) Love this space, it always looks so cozy. Sending you big hugs for a happy day, CoCo

  9. How amazing is this makeover! My gosh, I'm so impressed with it!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Great job Dara! It looks like a piece you would pay at least $80 in a shop for! Great makeover!

  11. It looks fantastic! Love the simplicity of the Edison bulb with no shade.