15 Fantastic Rustic Glam Chandeliers

This week for our log home master bathroom renovation for the One Room Challenge, I am focusing on sourcing finishes. Here are 15 fantastic rustic glam chandeliers I found for this project! But what exactly is rustic glam style?

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Welcome to week three of the One Room Challenge! I have been knocked down hard by shingles for pretty much the entirety of it so far. I'm usually a pretty tough cookie, but shingles is not to be underestimated. I'm hoping we can make up for lost time next week.

Since I can't do too much physically at the moment, I've been trying to finalize all of the finishes for our rustic glam log home master bathroom.

Lighting is going to be very important in this bathroom because although it has a vaulted ceiling, there are no windows and no natural light. We are planning some discreet track lighting at the peak of the ceiling for the main light source. For an accent light, I really want a rustic glam chandelier.

What is rustic glam style? 

It's a mixture of rustic elements and elegant or glam elements. Think rustic wood, distressed paint, dark metals, and simple lines for the rustic part. Now add in some bling and sparkle with crystals, glass, and beads. Rustic glam can range from simple and clean to eclectic, from neutral to colorful.

Can you mix glam and farmhouse?

You can absolutely mix glam and farmhouse! Think a rustic farmhouse dining room table with an elegant antique crystal chandelier. Or a beautiful blue velvet chesterfield sofa with a rustic wood coffee table in front of it. The key will be finding the balance between the two styles and incorporating each throughout the room. Or just forget that and have an entirely farmhouse style room with one fantastic elegant glam piece!

How can I make my house look rustic?

Wood and stone, natural elements will always bring in a rustic feel. Possibilities to add a rustic feel to your home are:

  • Real or faux wood beams
  • Stone accents
  • Reclaimed wood accent walls
  • Barn wood added to kitchen islands
  • Primitive furniture
  • Decor such as simple pottery and wood antiques

My Log Home Rustic Glam Master Bathroom

Here is the space. You'll have to use your imagination and see it without those cross supports and adding drywall all the way up the 15' wall to the ceiling.

The two sinks will be on this wall, and I'm looking for a rustic glam chandelier to hang high, but between them.

This bathroom is automatically rustic because...logs.

But I also want to add a touch of glam to it with the chandelier. 

Here are some of the chandeliers I found to fit my rustic glam design

4-Light Wood and Crystal Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier

3-Light Caged Metal and Crystal Drum Shade Chandelier 

Resin White Antler 4-Light LED Glam Chandelier


3-Light Glam Boho Farmhouse Chandelier with Frosted Glass Beads

Tiffany-Style Mission Chandelier

6-Light Candelabra Rustic Orbed Iron Frame Globe Ball Crystal Chandelier

Distressed White Rustic Wagon Wheel Crystal Chandelier

Round Rustic Crystal Chandelier

3-Light Glam Boho Farmhouse Chandelier with Frosted Blue Glass Beads


Modern Farmhouse 6-Lights Tiered Crystal Chandelier

Black Industrial Globe Crystal 1-Light Chandelier

Rustic Black and Crystal 8-Light Chandelier

Wood Beaded 6-Light Chandelier

Did I decide on a light fixture? I thought I did, but then the more I kept looking the harder the decision became. I will definitely pick one soon!

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