One Room Challenge | Boy's Science Bedrooom | Week 4

Well Week 4 of our One Room Challenge Boy's Science Themed Bedroom has been productive in a mostly non-tangible way.  I was able to nail down a lot of choices for the room. My son literally wants all the colors to be in his room. Balancing all of his requests while keeping the room from looking like a crayon box exploded in there has been a challenge. 

I decided to add black and white to ground and balance all of the color. I'm still deciding between these two rugs. 

I decided I'd marry my husband the minute I met him, but picking a rug or paint color?  It takes me weeks. I did actually pull the trigger on a paint color for the accent wall finally though.  

For weeks I have been staring at every single Benjamin Moore paint swatch I could find, trying to pick the perfect dark velvety green. I thought I had the right one, but my son vetoed it as looking like a pickle, one of his most despised things ever.  So back to the swatches, I decided on Seaweed. I actually went to the store swatch in hand to buy it, but was having big doubts once I got there. I was afraid it was just too GREEN. I looked through the swatches one more time, and right next to it on the wall was Cat Eye, also very green, but not quite as bright. 

After a quick text discussion with my ever-helpful phone a friend lifeline, Jess of Honeynhydrangea, I handed my Cat Eye color swatch to a young man who asked, "What are you painting THIS color, it sure is GREEN!?" 

Well I know he was doubtful and I must say it didn't help my confidence but a decision had been made! I had to wait till after dinner and kids' baths to finally try the color out. I eagerly painted it next to the wood beam to get the full effect. 

And I hated it. 

It was sooooooo GREEN. Almost Kelly green and my heart just sank.  I may have sent Jess a few freakout texts. But as it started drying the brightness toned down.  And then I added another coat.

Thank goodness!  There was my not-quite-so-dark velvety green. I know better than to judge a wet paint right away but I was super eager to see how I would be. 

I also got the first layer of paint on the little bedside tables.   I have a little plan in my head of what I would like for them to look like in the end. I hope it works. 

Next up will be finishing up all of the paint in the room.  Thankfully my parents are coming this weekend to rescue me with drywall fixes and painting.  Then we will be moving on to the built in desk and shelves.  I found this table this week for only $5 and I'm really hoping the size will work out as a desk base.  With some work and paint, of course.

Well, thanks so much for stopping by! Make sure you check out the other projects being linked up to the One Room Challenge over on Calling It Home blog.

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Unknown said...

The color turned out perfect!! I cannot wait to see it in the room! I can imagine that Stephen is so excited!

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