One Room Challenge | Boy's Science Bedrooom | Week 5

It's Week 5 of our One Room Challenge Boy's Science Themed Bedroom and it's starting to get exciting around here!  I finally feel like we've made some real progress.  Most importantly, we got all of the walls painted!  Check out this color!

One Room Challenge | Boy's Science Bedrooom | Benjamin Moore Cat Eye Green | Log Home

All of the wood in this room makes painting a little trickier.  There was sooooo much cutting in! After only painting white walls for the past three years, I forgot how much fun it is to paint a deep color on the wall.  This Cat Eye green from Benjamin Moore has turned out to be the perfect green for this room.  In case you missed my little color decision ummmm, we'll call it "adventure," :) last week here it is in the Week 4 update.

One Room Challenge | Boy's Science Bedrooom | Benjamin Moore Cat Eye Green | Log Home

I was also able to source a whole bunch of things I needed for the room.  I got the bedspread, lots of artwork and accessories, and several more pieces of furniture.  Of course all of the pieces of furniture equal more projects!  But I will be knocking them down in the next few days. 

First up is this chair that was originally my grandparents' but since I was little it was in my parents' house.  It was red back then.  Somewhere along the line someone painted it black, but not well.  So today I sanded it down and repainted it black.  Next I will be recovering those really interesting cushions. 

Vintage Chair Refinishing Before, 1786 red fabric

I started repainting the bedside tables last week, but quickly decided this is the wrong color.  So they will be changing for sure.  Don't you just love doing work twice?

Bedside Table Refinishing Before, Benjamin Moore Iguana Green

Since this room doesn't have a closet, I have been searching for months for lockers to use as a closet.  Does anyone know where all the lockers have gone??? A couple of years ago they were for sale everywhere I looked.  Now?  None!  So my parents came to the rescue with the idea to use my Granddaddy's early 1900s chifforobe.  It has some damage to the trim pieces on top and the finish is not in good shape.  My mom has given me her blessing to paint it and I'm excited to tackle this project.  I have a super fun color picked out to update it.

Antique Chifforobe Refinishing Before

So we still have a ton of work to do in the next few days, but we'll get it!  Here's our remaining to-do list:

Paint walls
Clean carpet
Mount shelves above desk
Refinish and reupholster chair
Refinish desk base
Refinish chifforobe
Refinish side tables
Install built in desk
Install ceiling fan
Install side lights
Install light above desk

Hmmmm that was a little disappointing to type.  I thought we were farther along than that.  Well, like I said, we'll get it!  I just might not sleep for the next week...

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out our little project!  You can check out all of the other creative projects by going to Calling It Home blog and I hope you do!