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Renovations are a roller coaster, baby!!  After my first post about our living room renovation for the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling It Home blog and our plans for a new DIY wide plank pine floor, the project was dead in the water until today. We could not get the wood we planned on using from the local lumber supplier that we used for the apartment floor a few months ago. That was surprising because they seemed to have an unlimited supply before so it never crossed our minds to check before starting. So the room still looked the same.

None of the big box building supply stores had it either. And when we checked online, everything was literally twice or four times the cost of what we did the floor for last time. I was willing to give up finishing this project for the One Room Challenge and wait until we could find the wood at the price we wanted. But then the clouds parted and the sunshine streamed in when my husband found another newer local lumber supplier who has plenty of boards in stock for less than we originally paid and ready to go!  

They arrive on Friday and will need some time to acclimate to the house. So now I am rushing to empty the room, rip out carpet, and remove the approximately one billion staples I know will be in the subfloor. I hadn't started doing that before because I thought our project was over. This has already been a crazy renovation, I tell ya!

And if that isn't enough delay, my husband really wants to cut out most of this wall separating the kitchen and dining room from the living room. This is going to take much of the next week because it involves removing the chinking between the logs, moving a lot of electrical, and cutting through logs. We checked with an engineer from the builder of the house, Hearthstone Homes, and he said it's not load bearing so we are good to go. Here it is from the living room side and then from the kitchen side.

Honestly I'm nervous about adding this to our scope of work for a six week One Room Challenge project, but if we are ever going to do this, it has to be now. This doorway has always been a pinch point in traffic flow through the house. We have a big family and we have lots of guests and host family and friends over for dinner all the time. I do think it will really improve the flow of the house though. Plus we will have some very cool logs to repurpose into something one day. 

We did a little exploratory surgery on the wall to see what is going on electrically. It's nothing the hubs can't handle. 

So anyway, we had a week of very little tangible progress but we are rolling again and I'm certain we can make the deadline! Well, almost certain.

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Your husband is so handy and that is awesome about the floors. How great to have such quality wood floors when you're done.

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