Living Room Renovation | One Room Challenge | Removing a Log Wall

This past week has absolutely flown by.  The biggest thing we accomplished was removing this log wall to open up the space.  We are just in awe of the change this has made.  Here's the before, when only a narrow doorway joined the kitchen/dining room and the living room.  


and here it is now!


We do have that one last bottom log to remove still. But now we can sit on the couch and see out of the dining room windows.  It has made the space feel completely different and not so closed in. 

If you are new around here, we are finishing this huge project in just six weeks for the One Room Challenge being hosted by Calling it Home blog.  At the end of this post you can see all of the other projects participating.

You will have to excuse our harsh construction lights.  We haven't had lights or power in these two rooms this past week since there was so much electrical work to be done after we got the wall down. The wiring is getting close to finished, but it has been a big job.  We had to drill all new holes for the wires through the logs.  


I say "we" like I helped with the drilling, but I did help pull wires through the holes.
The kids thought the walls were pretty cool without chinking, like living in a barn lol.  I guess none of them were born in a barn but they pretended they lived in one for a couple of days.  



And we finished ripping out the approximately 700 square feet of carpet and getting rid of it and the padding for free on Craigslist so we didn't have to haul it off!  A win for our local landfill!

The wood is here and acclimating to the house.  The plan is to start laying the floor tomorrow.


So that is about it!  It was a whole bunch of hard work summed up in a few words.  Now head on over to Calling It Home and see the rest of the linked up projects here !

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Pam K said...

Wow,what a difference! The cabin is going to look so nice when you are done. We removed a closet from a little bedroom we use as an office/sewing room. It is amazing how moving a wall (big or small) can change the whole look of a place.

Constance said...

I've worked in the log home industry for many years. You have some beautiful log walls and beams in your home.

Madeline | Teal and Gray said...

This is amazing! I can't believe how much work you've put in and what a change opening up that doorway was! Good luck with the rest.

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