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The back porch is ready for Fall now! I'm using non-traditional colors again here like I did on my purple Fall tablescape on the front porch a few weeks ago.  This time, because this spot already has so much red and blue, I'm going with it for my Fall decor, too.  I'm happy to be joining a talented group of bloggers for a Rustic Fall Porch Tour blog hop, hosted by Dawn of Creative Cain Cabin.  All of the gorgeous rustic porches are linked at the bottom!

So here we are!  Welcome to our back Porch!

Seasonal decor does not have to be expensive! I always clear a space down to its bones when I'm starting to change it.  That way I can see what I'm working with. The porch already has so much red and blue between the cushions and my antique Kilim rug piece, I decided to keep that color scheme.  

I was tickled to find red mums this year!  Galvanized buckets are my favorite rustic container for plants and I re-use them constantly.  They are inexpensive to buy at farm supply stores especially and last for years.

I added some rustic coziness with an antique quilt, made by my Grandma, to the bench.  Even though it has mainly lighter colors, it has some pieces of red and navy that make it work here.

I love how the years of use are shown by that worn edge on the quilt.  I recently found these old orchard baskets for only $5 each while thrifting and when I first saw them I thought I would use them here on the porch.  I planned to put a plant in them, but I would have needed to support the plant from the inside of the basket.  Turning them over ended up being a good solution.

One of my antique milk jugs made another good plant stand.  A lantern and a new white pumpkin finished this little spot off.  I like incorporating a touch of black in spaces.  It makes the space feel more grounded and cohesive to me.

I found a cute little old Moscow Mule the other day at a flea market.  I'm a whiskey girl, so I've always made my mules with whiskey instead of vodka, never knowing that was actually a thing.  A Kentucky Mule!

Over the last few years I've been finding pieces of rusty metal around the house and in the woods.  I think the original owners and I were kindred spirits in many ways.  We have a big bucket we throw most of the pieces we find in, but the pretty pieces and interesting things find a way into my decor. That old trivet is one of them.

Some of those pieces live over here on my Great-Grandma's kerosene stove too. These lumpy green pumpkins are my new favorite this Fall! I only got one because I don't like to invest much money is seasonal decor that won't last for several years, so this fellow has the spotlight all to himself here!

This antique metal sap bucket is another of my favorite containers to put a plant in.  I guess this is my rusty corner!

Well thank you so much for visiting here on the back porch!  I hope I gave you a few ideas of how you can use rustic elements to decorate your Fall porch too!  We can start with the decor we already have and add galvanized buckets, antique textiles, rusty metal pieces, and antique baskets to bring in some rustic charm.  And then just a few mums and pumpkins bring in the Fall season!  

Now here are the links to see the rustic porches linked up yesterday and today! They are just full of rustic Fall porch decor inspiration!

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Dawn said...

I always love whatever you do to your home, (log home lover here too). I'd love to score me some of those thrift market baskets. I've been looking forever for some, they're so expensive to buy too. Yep I agree rusty metal and galvanized buckets are a must to decorate with. Thank you so much for joining the tour today :)

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Oh my gosh, your porch is so amazingly cozy and cute! You have so many cool and interesting pieces out here, and it all looks so welcoming and relaxing. What a fantastic space. The red mums are perfect and thank you for that tip on the galvanized buckets, I'm going to have to hunt some down. Enjoy your pretty porch.

Stacey @ A Southern Discourse said...

I love the quilt and rug! Perfect cozy touches to such a relaxing fall porch. I could spend all afternoon there!

Unknown said...

Your porch looks amazing!!!! I love the red and blue and that rug is gorgeous. You have a way of making everything look so inviting.

The Tattered Pew said...

Your back porch is so cozy and I love all of the rustic touches you added! That quilt is so special too. I am on the look out for a quilt for my pew!It was fun touring with you! said...

I love your porch! Those antique pieces add so much character to the space. We have a cabin up in the Adirondacks and spend so much time sitting out on the porch just breathing the mountain air (and having cocktails). I can imaging how relaxing it is out on your cozy porch, too.

Jordan said...

Dara, I always love how you decorate your porches and this is no exception! I'm more of a whisky girl myself, so I'm going to have to look up Kentucky Mule recipes, too!

Dara - The Roots of Home said...

Thanks so much, Dawn! I appreciate being part of your tour!

Dara - The Roots of Home said...

Thank you so much for stopping by, Lisa!

Dara - The Roots of Home said...

Thanks, Stacey! Now if it will just cool off so we can enjoy it!

Dara - The Roots of Home said...

Thanks Jessica, you are so kind to say that.

Dara - The Roots of Home said...

Thanks so much Kelly! I hope you find that quilt!

Dara - The Roots of Home said...

Thanks Colleen! How nice to have a cabin in the Adirondacks! We used to camp there years ago and it is so beautiful there!

Dara - The Roots of Home said...

Thanks so much Jordan! Yes try one!!

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