Living Room Renovation | One Room Challenge | Week 7 Sort of Reveal

I feel silly to call this a room reveal for the One Room Challenge because we didn't actually finish.  So let's just call this a floor reveal!  I had such high hopes and big plans for this space, but in the end we just ran out of time.  But here it is with the wide plank pine floor of my dreams!

This project had some serious scope creep.  Once we decided to take down part of the wall between the dining room and the living room, it became obvious that we just couldn't stop the new floor.  It had to extend into the dining room.  Then this became the Two Room and a Hallway Challenge.

I mean, how stupid would it have looked to have a threshold and a 3/4" step down into the dining room there across the new wall opening?  Now it looks like this is the way it has always been. You can read all about our decision to install a new floor over the existing almost identical floor here.

 Here's a view down the hallway.  I am so glad we painted these walls white.  That, in addition to taking down the wall, have brightened the living room so much and made it feel less cave-like. Check out the before pictures here.
So that's about it for now.  I almost didn't even have the heart to write this post and link up to the One Room Challenge because I was so disappointed we didn't finish and I felt like it really didn't compare to the other beautiful projects.  But then I talked some sense into myself and realized how far we came under a lot of difficult circumstances.  So I'm going to declare this project was not a failure.  This is a huge step in our renovation journey. I declare it a win for us personally and for our home. We can't do more than we can do.  Sometimes everything doesn't come together perfectly like we plan, but in the end things will work out.
Right now we are waiting for the floor finish to cure.  I honestly thought about faking the whole thing and putting in the furniture and finishes with just the stain on the floor.  But I don't do fake.  And I was seriously concerned we would mess up the stain.

The good news is, now I will have more updates to share with you as we continue to work and finish out this space!  So stick around because I have a bold idea for this room and I'm itching to finish!  Not to mention I'm hosting a wedding reception in this room in two weeks so I have a new unmissable deadline!

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Michaela @Michaela Graves Designs said...

This room is going to be AMAZING! It is already so pretty with the floor and beams, I can't wait to see how you all finish it! It wouldn't be called a "challenge" if it was easy to get these rooms done right? Your progress is awesome!

Becky said...

It looks beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the finished room.

Unknown said...

This floor makes me drool! I know you're disappointed that y'all didn't get finished, but seeing this floor...that's enough for me. 😃

Unknown said...

What you have done so far looks great! I'm glad you decided to link up and I'm looking forward to the finished space.

Unknown said...

Absolutely stunning ! Can't wait to see it decorated . You guys have quite the talent .

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