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Week 5 of our One Room Challenge project, our living room renovation, has been a busy one!  I'm so happy the deadline for finishing got extended by a week because we had a big delay getting the boards for our 12" wide plank pine floors.  Last week I showed you the big pile of wood in the living room, and it's slowly shrinking this week as we install the boards.

DIY_12_wide _plank_pine_floor_benjamin_moore_chantilly_lace_log_cabin

We got off to a slow start because our compressor had an issue, but now we are making progress each day.  It's looking so good!  But we have a long way to go too...

DIY_12_wide _plank_pine_floor_progress_large_room

That one chair in front of the tv cracks me up.  We are a family of six!  We just throw blankets on the floor for everyone.

So we made a big decision this week and I may catch some heat from some people for it.  You remember the floor in the kitchen?  


We're replacing it with this floor too.  Let me explain! First of all, continuity.  There would have been a 3/4" step down into the kitchen from the living room requiring a  threshold piece across the new opening.  You can see above there is already a step down and threshold from the mudroom into the kitchen on the other side. The floors have two layers of plywood as subfloor, except in the kitchen which has one layer of plywood and then these boards.  That's why there is a height difference. Now it will look like it has always been this way! 

DIY_12_wide _plank_pine_floor_log_wall_remove

Another reason we made this decision is those boards needed to be refinished so badly. And they have quarter inch gaps between each board that crud gets stuck in.  I have to vacuum the cracks every other day and once a month or so go through with a towel on a knife and clean them.  I'm so over that!  We were going to refinish the floor and fill the gaps when we renovated the kitchen.  But we are also removing a giant island when we do the kitchen.  The boards stop at the island, so eight boards would have had to be replaced at that time anyway.  I am a "leave the original" gal all the way, and had these boards been 1800's original, I would have dealt with the other issues to save them.  But these floors are 1989 original.  And the man who built the house assured us they weren't special, just shelving boards he used back then.  So there you go, why we chose to install new wood floor in the kitchen.

We got all of the walls primed and painted in the living room and down the hallway.  This bright white has made a world of difference in here!  I didn't realize how dark the old color was.  This was the wall color when we moved in and I just left it until we could renovate the entire room.

benjamin_moore_chantilly_lace_one _coat

DIY_12_wide _plank_pine_floor_benjamin_moore_chantilly_lace

Much better, right?  This bright white combined with opening up the wall has made it feel much less like a cave in here.

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