10 Great Log Cabin Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Guess what day it is! It's National Log Cabin Day! It’s held on the last Sunday in June each year and is meant to help folks remember the rich history of log cabins. But also appreciate what they are now!

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I’ve been using this day for several years now to spotlight special log cabins that I’ve come across. To see the whole Log Home Tour Series over the years click here. (or on the tab in the menu)

Today in honor of National Log Cabin Day, I’m bringing you some of my favorite log cabin Instagram accounts. Some are completed log cabins and log homes, some are being renovated, and some are being built. Most of these may be new to you and I’ve mentioned some before. So here we go!


Gabe and Cristina have been meticulously restoring their Virgina log cabin with so much heart. They’ve figured it out and share their knowledge with other log cabin restorers.


This is the Instagram account for the book The Log Cabin: An Illustrated History by Andrew Belonsky. It is full of interesting historical log cabin photos.


Chelsea’s newly built black wood cabin in the PNW is full of inspiring cabin design ideas. You have to check out their custom bunks in the loft!


Jennifer is doing an amazing job restoring an 1800s reassembled cabin in the Pisgah Forest of North Carolina.


Here’s a husband and wife team restoring a Pennsylvania log home that was covered in vinyl siding when they started! You have to see how far this place has come!


Megan documents life in her Jackson Hole, Wyoming cabin with spectacular views like this!


Kristin is a fantastic decorator and supporter of log cabins and homes. Her lake side Wisconsin log home gives classic camp design inspiration inside and out!

Come see all of the treasures Janette has used to decorate her log home, The Treehouse, in New South Wales, Australia!


Hildegard’s Norwegian stunning mountain cabin will make you scroll until you’ve seen every photo!


No cabin account list would be complete without including one of the originals! Todd documents his off grid cabin life as well as the fantastic Alaskan scenery around him.

That's ten great log cabin accounts to follow on Instagram! Now go make some new cabin buddies!

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