15 Cute Navy Blue Shower Curtains for Kids' Bathrooms

I did a lot of online shopping for shower curtains lately for our bathroom renovations. I ended up using this one in our kids' Jack and Jill gender neutral bathroom, but here are more that I really loved. I thought I'd share them with y'all!

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Here are some of the coolest navy blue and white shower curtains for kids' gender neutral bathrooms that I've found online lately. If you're shopping for something similar, here's a little head start for you!

1. Vintage Airplanes

Here they come, flying into a fun bathroom for your kids!

2. The Kraken

Release the Kraken...into your kids' bathroom!

3. Paper Planes

How fun is this one with paper airplanes flying!

4. Nautical Stripe

A classic nautical stripe will always work!

5. Whales

How cute are these whales!

6. World Map

Make bathroom time educational with this big map!

7. Navy, White and Coral Stripe

One stripe of coral pops on this one to add an accent color!

8. The Great Wave

Bring in some Japanese artwork to make a unique bathroom for your kids!

9. Octopus

If you have an animal lover, try this one for them!

10. Gingham

This is the one I used!

11. Birch Trees and Birds

Bring in a woodsy feel with these birch trees and bees, striking against the navy background!

12. Starfish

Let this fun shower curtain be the star of your beach themed kids' bathroom!

13. Monogrammed Polka Dots

The options are nearly endless to customize this one for your family!

14. Americana Plaid

This classic plaid will go with just about any style!

15. Navy Anchors

One last nautical choice, on a dark navy background to hide the grime!

What do you think? Do any of these navy blue shower curtains for kids' bathrooms catch your eye?

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15 Cute Navy Blue Shower Curtains for Kids' Bathrooms

15 Cute Navy Blue and White Shower Curtains for Gender Neutral Kids' Bathrooms