DIY Dollar Store Yellow Spring Wreath

Let’s make a $5 Spring wreath! I only used items from the dollar store to make it!

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Lately I’ve been challenging myself to make crafts using items from the dollar store. It is such a bang for every buck! Plus I love a good creative challenge! 

My vision was something like a forsythia wreath. So here’s what I came up with when I went in to find materials at the dollar store to make a cute cheap Spring wreath. 

I chose to use yellow faux flower sprigs, but they also came in white, pink, and lavender. I’m really thinking about going back for the lavender ones to make another wreath. 

Here's Everything I Used:

  • Small bamboo wreath
  • 4 bundles of yellow stemmed faux flowers
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors 

Here's How I did it:

This spring wreath was so easy and fast to make! 

First, I pulled off all of the sprigs. This was super easy because of how they’re attached. Just pull a little and they pop right off. 

Then I started attaching the sprigs of flowers. I found my placement for the first one, at an angle, with about 2/3 of the flower sprig hanging over the outside edge of the wreath. I attached the sprig to the wreath with a little dab of hot glue. I carefully held the sprig down while the glue set.

I kept adding sprigs, about and inch apart or just barely touching each other. Once I had about five sprigs attached, I flipped the wreath over to attach the ends of the sprigs.

There are two ways to attach the ends that I tried. At first I was wrapping the sprig ends around the wreath an attaching with hot glue. That worked fine. 

Then I thought about just tucking the ends under the little rope wrapped around the wreath. They were placed at just the right distance around the wreath to do this.

I trimmed the larger bulb ends of the sprigs off to make it easier to thread through and under the rope. Had the rope not been there, I could have tucked the sprig ends into the bamboo wreath itself, or just continued with the hot glue. I thought it looked a little neater to tuck the ends in instead of using hot glue, but it really depends on how you like it and whether the wreath you're using makes that possible.

I just kept working my way around the wreath, attaching the sprigs on the front. When I had several done, I flipped it over and tucked the ends in. That way I wasn't flipping back and forth for each individual sprig.

And then it was done! This was such a fast and easy Spring wreath to make. And you can't beat making it for only $5!

Thanks for checking out my budget friendly Spring wreath! Let me know if you make one!