How to Simply Refresh a China Cabinet for Spring

How can you refresh a space for Spring quickly and inexpensively? I gave my china cabinet a new look for Spring this week. Come check it out!

I’m excited to start a new, once a month series called New Again with an awesome group of bloggers. We will each share something that we made new again. The goal is to show how we can make changes, no matter how small they may be, to improve our homes and nests.

This month, I wanted to freshen up my china cabinet for Spring. Here are the simple steps I did:

1. Start with a clean slate on top 

The china cabinet has had lots of stuff on top of it for months from my last post about it (minus the grape vines). I took everything off many of the top of the china cabinet. Now I had a place to start.

2. Then clean it for real

You know how stuff can get, especially if it’s up high. We’ve been doing so much construction in the house, everything has been extra dusty. This was the perfect time to dust and or scrub the tops of cabinet and all of the items I took down. This is my favorite multi-purpose cleaner! (I buy the concentrate and make my own spray bottles up.) Now the things I'm not going to be using this time can be put away clean.

3. Edit decorative pieces

This China cabinet is always full of milk glass and ironstone pieces, but I like to rotate them from time to time.

I have certain pieces, like these white bunny and duck topped crocks, that I bring out for Spring and maybe Summer.

I keep off season items in a drawer of the china cabinet. So some pieces went into the drawers below to make room for the ones I moved in. I moved several pieces around to give the boxwood balls I added next a good place to hang out.

4. Bring in some green

I shopped my house and found these little faux boxwood balls that I’ve had for years. I added them around the china cabinet. As I moved items around, I played with the positions of the boxwood balls until they looked balanced.

I also added some small lavender plants that I had to my milk glass Colony Harvest Grape punch bowl that I keep on top.

5. Add decorative Spring accents

I already mentioned the little bunny and duck dishes that I added. And remember I said my colors for this Spring are yellow and green? Here are my other yellow and green posts from this month:

DIY Painted Sparrow Chargers for a Spring Table

Yellow and Green Spring Tablescape

So I looked for some yellow to add in here. I found and added this cute little mama and baby yellow bird figurine that was my grandma’s.

Then I added the $5 Spring wreath I made recently. You can see how I made it here. I just hung it on the glass doorknob.

I added this vintage painted tray to the top. I found it in a thrift shop years ago for just a couple of dollars. I thought its painted flowers were so pretty even though they were a little faded and worn. I like the colors it brought in here.

Then the right side of the top needed a little something else...

so I added this little white ceramic duck.

And that is pretty much it! This was a fast and free way to decorate my China cabinet for Spring. Just a few touches were enough to refresh this space for a new season.

thanks for stopping by! Now I’d love for you to go see what my friends came up with to make something New Again in their homes!

cabinet with brass mesh wire backing

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