Log Home Tour Series: @mimihollomon

Welcome to the second Log Home tour in our National Log Cabin Day series. Today I'm sharing the home of Instagrammer @mimiholloman, who I met over a year ago in my quest for log home inspiration. Their home's story is very similar to ours, both foreclosures in need of renovation and love. This is their beautiful home located in a gorgeous spot on the edge of a North Carolina river. 

I'll let @mimiholloman tell her story from here:

I want to share a little about how my husband and I first came to love this house.  We have always dreamed of living in a log cabin.  In fact, when my husband proposed to me many years ago, he wrote me a letter saying he wanted to raise our children in our very own log cabin.  This letter is now framed and hung beside our bed. 

In 2011, I discovered what I thought was our dream house for sale.  We were not looking to buy a house, nor could we afford what our dream house cost.  That being said, on a whim, we came to look at the property.  We fell in love immediately with this beautiful log cabin on a river in Eastern NC.

Fast forward a year later, my husband and I had begun shopping around to buy our first home.  We were considering making an offer on another house when our dream house unexpectedly came back on the market - this time as a foreclosure!  We had never stopped thinking about how perfect this house was for us.  It didn't take long for us to decide to make an offer after visiting the house again.  It took almost 3 months and a lot of setbacks and uncertainties before we were officially the proud owners of our beautiful log cabin!  We signed the papers and were handed the keys on Valentines Day 2013.  I truly feel like it was meant to be for us to live here. 

Built in 1987, our log cabin has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.  It is approximately 3000 sq feet, with 3000 sq feet of deck on three levels with built in benches.  The cabin is riverfront and sits on almost 10 acres of land.

When we bought the home, it had sat empty for close to 2 years.  There was no basic maintenance done during that time, and the exterior showed it, including a good amount of damage from carpenter bees.  Prior to moving in, we had to address mold on the living room ceiling. 

Over the past couple years, we have completed other small projects.  We've also had to address electrical wiring issues, as well as plumbing issues.  There is more we'd like to do, but we have kept it simple for now.  

One fun project is a swing we hung from our living room rafters.

We also like to repurpose logs and other interesting items we find in the river, such as the old board we made into a shelf above the bed. 

Soon we will be hanging a mantel on our living room fireplace that was cut out of a log found floating down the river. 

One of my favorite rooms is my enormous walk-in closet (put in by the previous owner).  You enter the closet through glass French doors off the bedroom.  Because our master bathroom only has a shower, I bought an old cast iron bathtub and had that installed in my closet.  The word "closet" does not seem to do it justice.

Our master bedroom is a large room with a stone fireplace and bay window with a view of the river.

Our home is filled with antiques I've collected over the years and antiques passed down to me from family.

My husband and I share our home with our 6 dogs and 1 cat.  Our dogs love playing in the river as much as we do! We like to canoe, swim, fish and play in the river as much as we can. 

Our log cabin is our "forever" home and my happy place!!  We feel very blessed to wake up everyday in our dream home!

So that's the home of @mimiholloman.  Check in tomorrow for a tour of a cabin in an unbelievable location!