Living Room Renovation | Week 2 Update | One Room Challenge

Well we didn't get too much done on our living room renovation this week, but we did pull off an outdoor 50th Anniversary party for my parents! After that was done we have been working on the design for the room, especially the staircase railing. Because anything in this log home is by default "rustic," we want to bring in a more modern or industrial feel in this area. Here is our rustic industrial staircase design.

We've been working on this design for about three years and it has varied from ornate wrought iron balusters to wood slats and now this.  Honestly I just wasn't sure what I really wanted to do here. But a big factor was price.  At one time we were up to $100 a linear foot.  And we have 14 feet of staircase!  The project kind of stalled right there.  But last year my husband learned how to weld and this has been a total game changer.  Then recently we found this bar stock steel that was only $1.25 a linear foot.  Much better!  Using that material, we came up with this design.  We are really excited about bringing a more modern feel into the house.

If you'd like to see my Pinterest staircase inspiration, you can find me here!

Another element I'm really excited but nervous about is painting that back wall of the staircase a deep turquoise. It's a risk to go with such dark paint in a room that doesn't get a lot of natural light, but the idea has been in my head for about a year. I've got to at least try it!  I will be using the same color that is in our powder room and our mudroom, Sherwin Williams Great Falls. I had the paint guy add 8 drops of black to mute it a little bit. I have the paint left so I'm going with it.

I also have a big collection of gold mirrors and picture frames that I've been collecting for a while that will go on that wall. I'm excited about the contrast of antique frames and an industrial staircase railing!

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