Living Room Renovation | One Room Challenge | Rustic Industrial Staircase

Welcome back to our One Room Challenge living room renovation!  This is already week four and I feel like this is the first week we actually accomplished something tangible.  After a slow start, the past two weeks have been full of planning and preparing.  This week we have continued to fabricate all of the pieces that make up our new rustic industrial steel staircase balusters and enclosure.  We just finished installing it tonight, and here it is all done!

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This staircase has always been open except for the handrail. It's a project we have wanted to get to since we bought the house, so that's why I'm thrilled we have been able to accomplish this.

You can follow my Pinterest Staircases board to see all of my inspiration for this project.

I will do a full tutorial later, but here are a few of the shots of fabricating the pieces.

We fit it all up first and marked where the pieces intersected to get all of the joints just right.  

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Then we took it apart and I spray painted it all.  Originally I had intended to paint it flat black, but then I found Metallic Flat Soft Iron spray paint by Rustoleum and it was exactly the same color as the steel.  The black felt very harsh when I put them side by side.  I'm really happy I went with the Soft Iron.

So that's it for this week's update.  I still have to paint the back wall of the staircase, hang all of my mirrors, and touch up all of the woodwork before this area is done.  Next we will be moving on to the fireplace and adding a much-needed mantel with steel bands and brackets that will match the staircase.  This is another project I've had on my list since we bought the house!

Big thanks to The One Room Challenge and House Beautiful magazine for hosting this six week renovation challenge!  You can see all of the other projects that are linking up over at One Room Challenge.

Thanks again for stopping by and hope to see you back again next week!