Opening Up a Dropped Ceiling to Reveal Wood and Beams | Log Home Master Bathroom Renovation | One Room Challenge

It's time for the week 4 (yikes!) update for our One Room Challenge space, our log home master bathroom.

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Welcome to week four of our One Room Challenge project!

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Brace yourselves. You're going to be shocked...

We are STILL working on the utilities and structure. 

We have been working on two huge renovation projects at the same time for the past month. This week we officially finished our complete kitchen renovation. I cannot wait to show you how it turned out! 

So now our master bathroom renovation can get our full attention and time. 

If you remember from Week 2, I shared how we had taken down the bathroom's dropped ceiling. Then we discovered that without the structure of that dropped ceiling, the 15' high wall between the bathroom and our bedroom was not structurally sound. That wall is now solid, thanks to all of Mike's efforts and a new drill augur bit that was a lifesaver for that work. 

So now that that structural work is done, the cross bracing for the dropped ceiling could come down.

That's when we discovered a wasp nest behind a board. Thankfully Mike didn't fall off the ladder when he took the board down and saw them moving around!

So now the bathroom is all opened up!

All of the cross beams are gone and we can see the ceiling and beams!

This project only has four weeks left to our finish deadline so we are really going to be hustling now!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and checking out our latest project!