$5 DIY Shell Wreath With Easy Wired Ribbon Bow

Did you collect seashells on a beach vacation? Here's an idea of what to do with collected seashells. Don't have any collected shells? You can make this sea shell craft DIY wreath for just $5!

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Recently, I was shopping in our local Dollar Tree and saw these packages of shells. 

I thought they would make a great DIY craft! 

Since I made a $5 DIY Spring Wreath, I figured "why not make a $5 Summer wreath?"

If you have collected shells on a beach vacation, this would be a super cute way to use them! When you're shell hunting, look for shells that are similar sized and shaped shells to make this particular look. Of course, you can make a beautiful DIY shell wreath with a mixture of types of shells too!

One of my favorite things about this wreath is the burlap easy wired ribbon bow! I included instructions to make that below too.

Here's Everything I Used:

  • Small bamboo wreath
  • 3 bags of shells
  • 1 spool of burlap ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

Here's How I did it:

This cute DIY shell wreath was so easy to make! I was done in under 30 minutes, including reworking a little bit and figuring out how to do it in the best way.


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Starting with the Dollar Tree bamboo wreath as the base, I started hot gluing shells. I put a dab of glue on the top wide edge of the first shell and a dab on the bottom edge.

And held it on the top of the bamboo wreath until it set.

I kept gluing the shells around the top of the bamboo wreath, slightly overlapping the shell on the last one.

I just tucked the last one under the one I started with to blend it in. I hope that makes sense!

Then I turned the wreath on its side.

I used a large metal bowl to prop it up so I could use both hands to work on it.

Feel free to use whatever you have laying around that will work to prop the wreath up while you work on it.

I fit up the shells before gluing each one to decide the best spot to glue it.

Just like the first row of shells, I put a dab of glue on the top thick underside of the shell, but also some on the top left front part of the shell. Basically, fit it up and put a dab of glue wherever it comes into contact with the bamboo wreath and the shell it is tucked under.

I filled in the shells all the way around, tucking them under the first row.


And now for the cute easy wired ribbon bow! I picked the burlap ribbon that had little white polka dots.

I started by wrapping the ribbon around my hand twice to make the loops the size of the bow I wanted.

Then I trimmed the ribbon, making sure the two ends overlapped a little.

I closed the middle of the ribbon loops and set it down...

...while I cut another piece of ribbon a little longer than I wanted the two bow tails to be.

Then I wrapped the center of that piece of ribbon around the looped ribbon...

...and tied it, making sure the two ends of the looped ribbon were caught in the knot.

And I pulled the knot snug, but not tight.

I wanted to be able to fluff and poof the ribbon.

Then I fluffed and poofed the four bow loops and the center loop that was made.

Then I trimmed the two ribbon tail ends at an angle so it was extra cute.

Another dab of hot glue on the back of the ribbon knot held it in place at the bottom of the wreath.

I picked the least pretty shell to glue it to.

So cute!

Then I finished up by cutting a shorter piece of ribbon to use as a hanger. 

The length will just depend on your preference for where you want to hang the wreath.

I crossed the two ribbon ends and glued them together.

Then I glued the ribbon to the back side of the bamboo wreath.

Make sure you glue the little ribbon hanger directly above the bow or the wreath will look crooked when you hang it!

After the hot glue was cooled, but still workable, I smoothed the ribbon down with my fingers.

And there ya go! A cute DIY Summer shell wreath for only $5!

It's a cute little wreath, the size I like to hang on my china cabinet door knob or on a coat rack hook. It could certainly be made in a larger size with a bigger base and a few more bags of shells.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Summer DIY Seashell wreath! I truly apprectiate it!

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