Rustic Glam Log Home Master Bathroom | One Room Challenge

The One Room Challenge is finished! Our rustic glam log home master bathroom... is not. Here are all of the details of what we got done and what we will finish soon.

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Welcome to week eight of our One Room Challenge project, the final reveal! Except in our case, this will be more of a gradual reveal. As we finish, I will update the photos and all of the details.

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Unfortunately, me getting the shingles right as we started this project set us back so much. I wasn't able to do much for about three weeks because I couldn't put weight on my leg and I was so sick.

Mike kept pushing without me and accomplished all of the demolition, structural rebuilding, plumbing and electrical. He really can do anything.

Two weeks ago, we were feeling pretty confident about finishing on time.

But then we started setting the marble tile in the shower. It took two days to set two courses of tile! I had no idea how much harder the installation is for marble than for ceramic tile. I had to call my Dad in as reinforcements and thankfully he saved us.

I'll share all of the details of things we learned about how to DIY marble tile soon.

Here's the shower as of today. I have to say, despite the amount of work it has been, it is gorgeous and I am thrilled with how it is turning out.

As you can see, the bathroom floor isn't done either. That will be next after the shower is done.

Then the Speakman one piece toilet can go in!

Oh, and on this side of the bathroom, we thought we were pretty much done. 

I was so happy with the honed marble countertop and how well it matched the tile, but...

...when we put the drawers in the cabinets, we realized the countertop was fabricated incorrectly. 

It's not as deep as it should be on the right side, the longest side. 

So the countertops will have to be remade.

So frustrating.

I think instead of updating this same post, I'll do one big one for the final finished bathroom so it makes more sense.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our bathroom renovation! Come back soon to see the whole space finished!