Arts and Crafts Style Inspired Flex Room

It's week two of our flex room renovation, and we are off to a slow start. Our HVAC system needed a little work this week, and that has been occupying Mike's time. I've been trying to plan for what this new flex room will look like in the meantime.

So far, I know I want to keep with the Arts and Crafts inspired style that has been developing in the house. It was only recently that I discovered what my style truly was. It has been so exciting to incorporate the aspects of the Arts and Crafts movement into our home. I have done deep dives into everything Arts and Crafts, Craftsman, and Bungalow style to drink in as much as possible about it.

So, I don't have a very exciting update for this week, except that I have been a little stuck on what exactly I wanted this room to look like. Then I remembered a thrifted rug that I have in storage.

I think that rug is going to be the start of my design for this room. Here is a little peek of it, what I could get unrolled and photographed. It is in desperate need of cleaning, but it is a beautiful rug.

I had originally been thinking of green in this room, but I think now I'm leaning more blue. I'll figure it our soon!

This project is our latest contribution to the One Room Challenge, hosted biannually, and so thrilling to be a part of!

 Thanks for stopping by to see the very little progress on this room this week. I promise next week will be at least a little bit better!

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