Flex Room Renovation - Drywall Drama

After a frustrating week of skim-coating and sanding drywall over and over, I've finally got the walls in our new flex room looking pretty good.

Here's where we started with the walls:

They were so bad.

And after a week of skim coat, wait to dry, sand, repeat, repeat, repeat...

I'm finally happy with them, except for that top corner that had to get one last coat of drywall mud and still needs to be sanded.

And we've also started the new wide plank pine floor. This is the same floor that we have throughout the rest of the house

So we are finally seeing some real progress in this room. We always start slowly with our room projects because they need so much prep work. Next week's update will show some huge progress! 

As always, thanks for stopping by to check out our latest project! This one is in collaboration with the One Room Challenge! Click that link to see what all of the other participants are up to with their projects!

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