Sunday Calm [Features 2]

Calm. Peace. Reflection. Joy. Beauty. 
How do you see it?

Well, it's Super Bowl Sunday and our Panthers lost tonight. But we still had a great time with family and friends (and great food!) So this is my view of Sunday calm after all the excitement. After a cold, rainy day my favorite thing is a fire in the fireplace. 

Now on to this week's features for #HCLCsundaycalm, which were submitted last Sunday. So many folks enjoyed some beautiful time outside. 

First up is the queen of sepia filters, Gina @copperflowercottage who caught this gorgeous photo of an old farmhouse while on a drive in rural NC.

Next is Instagrammer @happylaugh6 who was out checking water pipes for the amazing farmhouse they are building and snapped this shot from a distance.

I just loved this shot that Pamela @homeonfernhill caught while on a walk. Can you see that sweet little heart shaped footprint in the snow?

And finally, Kimberly @kimberly_seasons shared this shot she caught while on a drive through Great Barrington, MA. Interestingly, it's rumored dog races and horse races used to be run here. 

So a big thank you to everyone who shared their photos today. Check back next Sunday to see the latest features.