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It's taken us six weeks just to demo and rebuild the bathroom. It has been a lot of work, but it's worth it to see our log home master bathroom renovation coming together. 

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Welcome to week six of our One Room Challenge project!

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This week we wrapped up the drywall installation and finishing. 

I think I've said many times here on the blog and on my Instagram that I do not do drywall.

Well this time, I've had to learn how to do drywall. No contractors wanted to work on such a small job. We had a couple of guys come look at it and we just never heard from them again.

So, I guess now I do drywall! I watched endless YouTube videos and read lots of blog posts to try to figure it out. And I just did my best to do what they said. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out so far, but I guess the truth will be known once the walls are painted.

Mike is wrapping up all of the rough in plumbing. The rain shower head we have planned will have some exposed piping because it is against a log wall. I think it's going to look super cool once we're done!

And our cabinets are in! That is a big weight off because I was concerned there would be delays. 

Here is our design for our bathroom. It's totally different from what used to be there. We decided to split the two sinks and give us as much counter and storage space as we could. I'm especially excited about all of the drawers we will have. I find them so much easier to organize and keep organized than cabinets with doors.

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