One Room Challenge [Modern Rustic Home Office] Week 2 - Inspiration and Plans

Week 2 of the ORC is here!  When I first started planning this project in my husband's office I told him I imagined a brown leather sofa and vintage fishing equipment, maybe a DIY light fixture. And then he said he doesn't like leather sofas. And he doesn't want vintage, he wants modern. And he doesn't want a light fixture, he needs a ceiling fan.

I was back at zero. I needed some inspiration. The room itself has handhewn beams and wood trim, so it's hard to get away from "rustic." 

There is a lot of inspiration out there for rustic homes and each of these spaces have some elements that will work in our space. This office space has the same general shape as ours and I'm planning on having the desk in the dormer of ours. But I'm keeping our white walls, freshened up of course.

I the way this rug works with the woods and neutrals in this office. It reminds me of the rugs we are planning to use. And while we won't be tackling full-on built-ins, we do want to incorporate a wall of bookcases.

The desk style and wood tones in this room are very similar to ours. I love the simplicity of this room.

Bentley Collection

Same for this one, love the simplicity.

Now I need to work in modern. I love the way this space marries rustic beams and reclaimed wood with clean lined modern furniture. The ceiling fan and light is almost exactly what my husband has in mind for his office. With the tall ceilings and blazing afternoon sun, a fan is a necessity in that room.

The Vermont Street Project
This Mid Century space has a similar sofa and the bright white wall we are planning.

Midcentury in Del Mar

So this week, I have gotten a good idea of the direction I want to go in. Now I have to get myself in gear in the upcoming weeks because there is so much to do.

Here is my to-do list so far:

  • Paint the walls
  • Find a desk top
  • Choose lighting and ceiling fan/light combo
  • Find a love seat (I've been searching Craigslist like crazy and can't find anything. I may have to branch out in my search)
  • Find end tables
  • Build slot car track table
  • Build shelves
  • Make some art and find some art
I'm sure as the next few days go by, this list will get longer instead of shorter. Thanks for stopping by! And now head on over to Calling it Home to see what the other designers and guest participants were up to this week!