Sunday Calm [Features 6]

Calm. Peace. Reflection. Joy. Beauty. 
How do you see it?

My favorite thing about #HCLCsundaycalm on Instagram is that it gives folks the freedom to share whatever those feelings look like to them. There is always a wide variety of photos shared, from decor to landscapes and everything in between. I love the opportunity to share others' talent with y'all. 

This beautiful shot of her daffodils was shared by Tessa @houseonchestnut.

Keeley @keeleym_ourcozycatcottage and who blogs at Our Cozy Cat Cottage shared this sweet guy. He brings her such joy. 

Patty @1greenacreslane posted about her favorite calm spot for reading. 

And Holli @beesnburlap shared a shot from a spot in her newly organized laundry room that brought her a calm feeling when she saw it.