One Room Challenge [Modern Rustic Home Office] Week 4 -Painting,Shopping, and Building

It's week 4 of the One Room Challenge! My progress? I managed to get one wall painted white (Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace.) And I did a lot of shopping, really just looking. And we started on a building project.

The crazy thing is, I thought the walls were already white! Nope! 

Here's the thing with this office project. When I'm decorating our house my husband says to do whatever I want, he loves anything I do. Except now that it's his room, he has opinions. And I want him to! I want him to love this room and for it to be his when we are done with this process. 

But it's been a long process already and it's only week 4. I spent most of these last two weeks taking care of our four sick kids. (Why can they never all be sick at once?!) And then finally I got to go out shopping for some things for this room. I must have texted my husband at least 100 pictures of rugs, couches, end tables and accessories to figure out what he likes. 

It's dizzying, isn't it? I did this challenge last minute in case you couldn't tell, without any prior planning. So this is real deal, actually doing it from design to completion in 6 weeks. Thankfully we work really well together under pressure, maybe even better than if we have no deadline.

One big project that we got a good start on is the slot car track cabinet.

Yep, it's huge. It will be mounted on the wall above the couch. One side will hold the slot car track and when folded down it will be tons o' fun. But when not being played with, it will be folded up neatly and be a great frame for artwork. Trust me on this, it's gonna be good. 

 So that wraps up our work on our room this week. There's an overwhelming amount left to do, but we'll get it done. 

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