Sunday Calm [Features 8]

Calm. Peace. Reflection. Joy. Beauty. 
How do you see it?

I stopped by the road yesterday and picked these pretty little weeds. I love them this morning sitting on my kitchen window sill in my Grandma's little creamer. 

That's what #HCLCsundaycalm on Instagram on Sunday's is all about. My favorite thing is that it gives folks the freedom to share whatever those feelings look like to them. I always the wide variety of photos shared, from decor to landscapes and everything in between. I also love the opportunity to share others' talent with y'all. 

Sabrina @exploring_alaska posts the most amazing photos of her life in Alaska.

Hollie @grandmahollie posted this beautiful shot near her apple orchard.

Noni @noni_bo snapped this pretty shot of daffodils and French soap while the sound of a tile saw from her renovations could be heard in the background!

Lu @casitainthedesert is a new account but has started off with a bang with amazing shots of a desert home like this one of rustic weathered wood. 

Thanks to everyone who shared last week for Sunday Calm. I'll see you back here next Sunday for more features.